Paul Daly

BA (Hons), BArch, Dip Arch Tech

RIBA: 10881654

ARB: 071783E


Paul Daly


Design outlook: From my first experience of the 'buzz' of designing AND making in my first job in a stainless steel fabrication company, I consider myself fortunate to have had a disciplined and pragmatic grounding through technician training prior to becoming an Architect. As a result, I am naturally interested in the interaction between designing and making, and also the potential of each, free of the other.

Good design strives for consistent legibility of the key generative concepts from the whole to the part: materials and detailing are critically important. This macro-micro relationship is conduicive to environmental sustainability (the 'atelier' of my post-grad studies) by considering the potential of the 'animal' to make best use of its environment, whilst enhancing that environment simultaneously.

I have a fascination with context and place, not just from a design perspective but also from the perspective of a musician with a strong identity centred around 'place'. I am fascinated by how such things interact with new needs, technologies, and attitudes to express new forms from the same source.






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